‘You can sign up to the website at any time, but only paid-up members will have their accounts approved’ - and so be able to access the Members Area.

In ‘normal’ times we meet on Monday evenings in our clubhouse, just off the High Street in Dingwall (on the First Floor). We’re a friendly group of photography enthusiasts - approximately 50 Members-  with all levels of experience. 

New Members are very welcome.  Meantime, of course, all physical Meeting are not possible but, to overcome the Covid Restrictions problem we have set up a full Syllabus of events via Zoom - see the ‘Syllabus’ tab under ‘Club Info’. The first half of the year has gone pretty smoothly and we have had some extremely entertaining evenings- showing excellent presentations, competition judging, workshops etc., and as the weeks have gone by Members are becoming more confident using the online technology.  The December issue of ‘In Focus’, our Club Newsletter (see relevant tab), has an article giving tips on ‘Getting the Best out of Zoom’ which may help everyone to achieve the best, technically, from these Zoom sessions.

So, if you are interested, fill out the Contact Form on the website and join us for the second half of our 2020-21 Year. We can help get you started with Zoom, with e-mailed advice or a one-to-one phone session, if required.