Wednesday, February 8th: Achieving success in competitions – Part one. This will concentrate on preparing prints and will cover printing from Photoshop, colour management, cropping, sizing, paper choice and mounting. (Hosted by John Fenwick and Mark Janes)


Wednesday, February 15th: Achieving success in competitions – Part two. This will concentrate on preparing images for digital projection and will cover procedural issues, such as correct sizing and titling of images, as well as quality issues such as sharpness and correct exposure.  (Hosted by Phil Downie)

Wednesday, February 22nd: Introduction to Adobe Lightroom.  An overview of the Import, Library and Develop modules of Lightroom for those who missed Dave Freeman’s workshops last year and who may be considering Lightroom as an alternative to Photoshop.  (Hosted by Mark Janes)

Wednesday, March 1st: Preparing AVs.  A chance to learn the skills of putting together an effective slide show with commentary and/or music, ahead of our AV Showcase night later in March.  (Hosted by Phil Downie)

All workshops run in the club room, from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.